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MSP value proposition – Defining your strategy

All marketing strategies should focus on the buyer’s journey, and that’s no different for TSPs. The goal of marketing is to guide a prospect along the journey toward the ultimate goal of purchasing your product or services.

The buyer’s journey can be broken down into six stages: Unaware, Aware, Solution Education, Vendor Education, Economic Justification, and Purchase. Each stage will have different messaging. At the Unaware stage, you’ll be introducing your TSP to the prospect, while Solution Education will start identifying and solving a prospect’s business problems.

What defines your marketing strategy? Join Scott Marshall, Senior Vice President of Marketing at ConnectWise, and Susan Perez, Content Marketing Manager at ConnectWise, as they take TSPs through the value proposition and jobs-to-be-done theories, which aim to put the customer at the heart of your marketing efforts.


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