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Innosoft helps MSPs and IT departments of all sizes to streamline their business with automated IT solutions. But don’t just take our word for it, hear what our partners has to say!


Trusted by over 1,000 partners in the Nordics. See for yourself how our customers have leveraged our IT solutions to help run and grow their business.

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Plus Verkot OY

Plus verkot was looking for a new solution to replace several IT management tools – in order to automate as much as possible – when they discovered the ConnectWise suite. Today, the team is able to manage more customers with fewer employees and saves several workdays per month.


Kindell Consulting

Learn how the one-person company Kindell Consulting matured from a reactive break and fix business to a proactive MSP with ConnectWise. With increased productivity, faster service delivery, and higher customer satisfaction as a result. Automation has never been easier!


GP Digital

Discover how GP Digital, the Norweigan MSP, shifted from disjointed tools and manual day-to-day back-end processes to efficient automation with ConnectWise. With more time savings, decreased costs, and increased revenue as a result! GP Digital never misses out on billable hours again.


Doit Ehf

Discover how the one-person company Doit Ehf utilizes ConnectWise to streamline IT management, automate routine maintenance and scale his business. Einar now supports 30 companies and manages over 300 computers by himself – in just one year after starting his MSP business.



Working in disparate systems means siloed data scattered across several platforms, slowing down operational processes. Find out how iteam has turned things around with ConnectWise and now has full visibility across the organization and delivers faster and better IT Support to its customers.

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