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Block access to known suspicious web domains to protect productivity.

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Easily deliver safer, more productive web access

Threats come from many sources, and Malwarebytes prevents infections across vectors. Malwarebytes DNS Filtering module extends the cloud-based security platform, blocking sites that introduce risk and impede productivity so you can better protect end users and your web-based applications.

  • Keep organizations safe
  • Protect web-based systems
  • Prevention aids compliance


Prevent threats from online activity

Keep web-based threats and online content from wreaking havoc on your organization. With Malwarebytes DNS Filtering, you can
manage access to whole categories of websites (e.g., gambling, adult content, etc.) while also maintaining controls to tailor access that
meets your organization’s specific requirements for security and compliance.

Promote productive web use

Protect against risks introduced by vendors, partners, or other third-party collaborators who need to interact with your CRM, ERP, or other enterprise system.

Deploy quickly and easily

Current Malwarebytes business customers can instantly add the
DNS Filtering module to the existing instance of Malwarebytes
EDR, EP, IR, or server solutions.

Central cloud platform

Malwarebytes DNS Filtering module is built to
extend our cloud-based Nebula security platform, making it easy
to manage all your Malwarebytes solutions from a single platform:
Malwarebytes Incident Response (IR), Endpoint Protection (EP),
and Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR).

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