Doit Ehf

How a one-person MSP manages over 300 computers with ConnectWise

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Executive summary

The Icelandic one-person company Doit Ehf is a managed service provider (MSP), offering services including everything from monitoring client networks to cloud services. Doit Ehf caters to small- to mid-sized businesses (SMBs) across various industries. As the only IT consultant at the company Einar needed a powerful MSP software that could automate repetitive tasks in order to keep up with demand and focus on higher value service requests. Discover how Doit Ehf utilize the Remote monitoring & Management (RMM) software ConnectWise Automate® and the Professional Services Automation (PSA) software ConnectWise Manage® to streamline IT management, automate routine maintenance and scale his business. Einar now supports 30 companies and manage over 300 computers by himself – in just one year after starting his MSP business.

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